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Shrestha Bio Organic is a Best Quality Vermicompost Exporter in India, Vermi compost is a type of fertilizer that is made from natural materials. It is very good for plants and helps them grow well. This compost is made using a special process that enriches it with nutrients that are good for the soil. It is also good for the environment because it is made from organic materials and does not harm the earth.

We are Premium Quality Vermicompost Wholesaler in India, Our Vermicompost is of the highest quality and can be used in farms, gardens, horticulture, nurseries, and landscapes. We are dedicated to providing the best Vermicompost for people who want to do organic farming and gardening.

Organic farming and gardening have become more popular lately because they have many benefits. They are good for the environment, our health, and the well-being of animals. Here are some reasons why people choose to grow and eat organic products:

Best Quality Vermicompost Exporter

Nutrition value of our vermicompost

Organic Vermicompost Manufacturing Company in India
Organic Carbon9.5 – 17.98%
Nitrogen0.5 – 1.50%
Phosphorous    0.1 – 0.30%
Sodium0.06 – 0.30%
Calcium and Magnesium         22.67 to 47.60 meg/100g
Copper2 – 9.5 mg kg-1
Iron2 – 9.30 mg kg-1
Zinc 5.70 – 11.50 mg kg-1
Sulphur128 – 548 mg kg-1

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Why vermicompost is better than pesticides and good for organic farming

We are best Vermicompost Supplier in Bengaluru, Vermicompost is organic because it’s made from natural resources and contains no chemicals, so it is nature friendly. It is more nutritious and releases nutrients at a slow rate that is easily taken up by plants, and it eliminates the pesticides, that plants are being healthy and free from any pest and diseases.

Environmental benefits

Organic farming and gardening help protect the earth by using natural materials and reducing pollution. Shrestha Bio Organics is Best Organic Fertilizer Company in India

Health benefits

Shrestha Bio Organics is Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Company, Organic products are grown without using harmful chemicals, so they are healthier to eat.

Improved taste and nutrition

Organic products often taste better and have more nutrients because they are grown in healthy, nutrient-rich soil.


Organic farming and gardening practices are sustainable, which means they can be done for a long time without damaging the earth.

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