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Shrestha Bio Organics is High Quality Organic Vermicompost Manufacturing Company in India. Our vermicompost is a nutrient-rich soil conditioner that is 100% organically enriched with active nutrients, plant-friendly, and earth-friendly. With the beneficial qualities of cocopeat, our premium vermicompost for farms, gardens, horticulture, nurseries, and landscaping improves your Farm soil. There are several Premium Quality Vermicompost Exporters in India who provide fertilizers to international markets but our company specializes in exporting premium quality Organics Vermi Compost to various countries worldwide, ensuring timely delivery to our global customers..

Our mission is to provide the best vermicompost for organic farming and gardening practises. Organic farming and gardening methods have been increasingly popular in recent years due to the significant benefits they offer to the environment, human health, and animal welfare.

For the following benefits to the environment, health, improved nutrition and flavour, sustainability, and animal welfare, many people opt to grow and consume organic foods. Human transformation is crucial, in our opinion, to halting climate change. Keeping the environment safe, halting the degradation of natural resources, and ensuring global food security are all made possible by maintaining and improving soil health.

Abhishek Prabhu

- The Shrestha Man

Abhishek Prabhu is a very Interesting person who has done really well in his business world. Now, he has a big goal to make the world a better place with his organic fertilizer company called Shreshta Bio Organics. He believes that his spiritual side helps him in everything he does. Abhishek has always been really interested in media and how powerful communication can be. He used this skill to move up in his career and become famous in the industry. But deep down, he has always loved farming. He thinks that the soil in India is the purest and the best in the whole world, and he wants to use that power to create the best organic fertilizer company ever. 

Abhishek’s company, Shreshta Bio Organics Premium Quality Fertilizer Company in Bengaluru, is focused on making a positive impact on the world. He thinks that using vermi compost, which is organic, is the best way to give back to the Earth. This change is really important to fight climate change and protect the environment for future generations. The name of his company, Shreshta, means the best or excellent, and that’s exactly what Abhishek wants to be. He believes that organic fertilizer is a gift from God, and he wants to share that gift with everyone. Abhishek truly believes in Kamadhenu, the sacred cow that grants all wishes. He thinks that by going organic, he can make his wish for a cleaner and greener planet come true. Abhishek is a farmer at heart and wants to inspire others to follow his example.

What is vermi compost

As a Vermicompost Manufacturing Company in India, We are expert in making good quality Vermicompost,  Vermi composting is a way to turn leftover food and other organic waste into helpful compost with the help of worms. This compost is full of nutrients that plants need to grow well. Many people in India are starting to use this method because it’s cheap, good for the environment, and can even make some money. India has a lot of people, so it makes a lot of waste—62 million tonnes every year, according to the Central Pollution Control Board.

If we don’t handle this waste properly, it can cause big problems for our health and the environment. But vermiculture gives us a solution. It takes all that organic waste and uses special worms to break it down into compost. This compost is full of good things for plants, like vitamins and minerals. We can use this compost in farming and gardening to help our plants grow strong and healthy.

Organic Vermicompost Manufacturing Company in India

Vermi composting is a way to make good compost using worms, and it can be done on a small scale. This means it’s affordable for homes, schools, and small businesses. One good thing about vermiculture is that it doesn’t need any electricity, so it’s not expensive and it doesn’t harm the environment.

In India, many organizations use vermiculture to manage waste and make money. For example, the Kerala Agricultural University has a special place called a vermi composting plant. Every day, they can process about 1000 kilograms of trash there. The compost they make is used in the university’s farming research and programs.

Even regular people can do vermiculture at home. There are special tools made by a company called Daily Dump that help you turn your kitchen waste into compost. They also give you instructions and support to help you start and take care of your vermiculture system.

Shrestha Bio Organics is Soil Fertilizer Manufacturing Company specializes in producing high-quality fertilizers to enhance soil fertility and promote healthy plant growth. 

Advantages of vermi compost

Vermi composting, the process of using earthworms and microorganisms to turn organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, has numerous advantages. Some of the benefits of vermi composting include:
Sustainability: Vermi composting is a sustainable practice that repurposes organic waste instead of sending it to landfills, where it emits harmful greenhouse gases.
Faster compost production: Vermi composting produces compost more rapidly than traditional composting.
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions: Vermi composting contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases by keeping organic waste out of landfills, where it emits methane.

Reduced food waste: Vermi composting also contributes to the reduction of food waste, which currently makes up nearly 25% of landfills in the U.S.
Nutrient-rich compost: Vermi compost has a higher nutritious value than any other organic fertilizers, as it contains high amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other micro nutrients required for the optimum performance of crops.
No leaching: Vermi compost does not leach, meaning that it retains its nutrients and does not wash away easily.

Indoor composting: Vermi composting is a passive process that can be done indoors, making it an ideal option for apartment dwellers or those with limited outdoor space.

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