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1 Kg Vermicompost Pack Manufacturer

Shrestha Bio Organics - Organic Vermicompost Manufacturer in Karnataka

Shrestha Bio Organics is a premium quality vermicompost manufacturer and exporter based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. We offer a wide range of organic vermicompost products, including 1Kg vermicompost packs.
Our vermicompost is made from 100% organic materials, such as cow dung, kitchen waste, and garden waste. It is rich in nutrients and beneficial microbes, which help to improve soil health and plant growth.

Our vermicompost is also third party certified, which means that it has been tested and verified to meet the highest quality standards

What is Vermicompost ? 1 Kg Vermicompost Pack Manufacturer​

What is Vermicompost?

Vermicompost is a type of compost that is made with the help of earthworms. Earthworms eat organic waste materials and excrete them in a form called vermicast. Vermicast is a very nutrient-rich organic fertilizer that is beneficial for plants.

In simpler terms, vermicompost is worm poop. It’s one of the best fertilizers you can use for your plants.

Vermicomposting is a great way to reduce your environmental impact and create a valuable resource for your garden.

How to Use our Premium 1Kg Vermicompost Pack?

Here are some of the benefits of using our 1Kg vermicompost packs:

Why Choose Shrestha Bio Organics 1 Kg Vermicompost Pack?

There are many reasons why you should choose Shrestha Bio Organics vermicompost, including: