BIO-KAVACH ULTRA consists of Potassium mobilizing bacteria that are microorganisms that have the ability to solubilize and release potassium (K) from insoluble minerals in the soil, making it more available for plant uptake. These bacteria play a crucial role in soil fertility and plant nutrition by enhancing potassium availability, which is essential for various physiological processes in plants, including water uptake, osmoregulation, enzyme activation, and protein synthesis.

potassium mobilizing bacteria include species of Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Azotobacter, and some mycorrhizal fungi. These microorganisms produce organic acids, siderophores, or enzymes that can dissolve or chelate potassium from mineral surfaces, thus increasing its mobility in the soil and facilitating uptake by plant roots. By promoting potassium uptake, potassium mobilizing bacteria contribute to improved plant growth, stress tolerance, and overall crop productivity.


Contains Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria(KMB)

Total viable count of all the biological organism min CFU 6×10″ cells per ml.

Directions for use

Method of Applications: SPRAY

SPRAY: 2.5 ml per 1 litre of water. Direct the nozzle towards the roots, stem, bottom, and top of the leaves and around the plants.

Directions for use: To be sprayed once in 2 weeks along with Gold, Ultra and Multiplus.

Note: For optimum results, keep the soil moist.

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight. Keep the product tightly sealed when not in use.

Keep out of children’s reach