• Nisarga Gold plus Organic manure refers to natural materials such as compost, animal dung, and plant residues that are used to fertilize and improve the quality of soil. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, organic manure enriches the soil with essential nutrients and improves Nutrient-Rich Soil , Improved Soil Structure , Sustainability , Environmental Protection , Slow Release of Nutrients , Enhanced Crop Quality , Cost-Effectiveness and microbial activity enriched with Azospirillum and Phosphorus Solubilizing bacteria.
  • Five different cakes, viz, Neem cake, Pongamia cake, Ground nut cake and cotton seed cake and major macro nutrients, which ensure complete growth of crop, improve and maintain soil fertility, reduce flower dropping and increase the flower numbers.
  • It also has insecticidal effect. Nisarga Gold  plus is recommended for all commercial crops, fruit crops and food crops.


Chemical Composition
PH 7 to 8 %
C 25 to 30 %
Moisture 15 to 25%
C:N 20:1
N 3.03 %
P205 2.63 %
K20 1.4%
EC 2.10%

Directions for use

Method of Applications: Soil/individual plants.

Dosage: Mixing with soil, 350 to to 400 kg/acre
Individual plants: 1 to 2 kg/plant

Application On Crops

 Field Crops: Cotton, Paddy, Wheat, Sorghum, Maize, Sunflower, Ground nut, Potato, Mustard, Pulses, Soya bean, Sugar cane etc.
• Fruit Crops: Banana, Mango, Grapes, Guava, Sapota, Pomegranate, Custard apple, Orange, Citrus fruit, , etc.
• Vegetable Crops: Tomato, Chili, Brinjal, Onion, Okra etc.
• Plantation Crops: Arecanut, Coffee, Tea, Cardamom, Coconut etc
Horticultural plants, Floricultural plants, Medicinal plants, Home garden etc.